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Dr. Christian Reder            

I was born in Cologne in 1975, I am married and have four children.

I qualified from the University of Cologne and completed a postgraduate training programme in orthodontics at the University of Krems, Austria in cooperation with the Danube Private University, where I gained the international Master of Science (MSc) degree under the direction of Prof. Dr. Dr. D. Müßig (Topic: “Treating crossbites with aligners”).

Dr. Ursula Mathwich            

orthodontist for children and adults

Kiki Giannakara            

administrative assistant and practice manager

Antonie Mühleisen            

administrative assistant

Elisa Rao            

dental assistant

Seyhan Bebe-Amet            

dental assistant

Judit Ibarola            

dental hygienist

Angelica Diaz Badra            

dental assistant

Roksana Banaszak            


Denise Güler